Monday, July 26, 2010


Wow.. Sometimes we take God's grace and blessings for granted.  My family and I have been at the beach for a few days, and over and over I have witnessed God pouring out His blessings on us.  To most people, these occurrences may just seem to be "lucky", but I believe that they are all God' doings.

Right off the bat, when we arrived at our hotel, we got there just as checking in time started.  There were LOADS of people in the waiting room, and the line went out the door.  Tons of people were raving on about their rooms not being ready.  They were slamming their fists, cussing, etc.  However, when we got up to the desk, our room was ready and we were checked in immediately.  Jonathan then told me that he was praying the whole time he was in line.  God answered his specific prayers.  Praise God!

Also. there were many times that we were out and about, eating, swimming, at the aquarium, where the crowds were big.  I silently prayed each night that our kids would be taken care of and safe.  God answered these prayers, but He did more than that.  Our kids were great!  They were patient, they didn't fuss, and they listened to us (for the most part).  Their behavior has made this trip wonderful.  I think that this is because God has placed a spirit of peace within them.  They feel safe, and are able to enjoy themselves, which enables us as parents to enjoy ourselves.  Amen!

Lastly, we switched hotels because the last few days of our trip are due to Jonathan's work schedule.  We had a full day today to wait out before we could check into our new hotel.  I think that God knew what we really wanted.  When we stopped at our hotel, to see if by chance our room was ready early, it was!  Whoo Hoo!  Again, I truly believe this was God's doing.  He has helped make this trip wonderful.  We try to live our lives so that He shines through everything we do.  I sure hope we were able to touch some lives while we were here, just by watching us and our children... We sure do pray that we each and every day we touch someone and show them a little piece of what God has in store for them...

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